Give your Shopify Store
its unfair advantage.

WriteCopy helps Shopify Store be efficient by doing 5 things:

1. Keyword Research and FAQ Data

- We'll help you pick the best keywords to improve your results. Plus, we'll even give you FAQ data for better targeting.

2. Content Builder & Optimizer

- With the right keywords in hand, you'll get a clear outline for creating content using prompts and optimize the content using NLP and Google Search Console Data.

3. Project Management & Automation

- After you create your content, we help you organize files better.

4. Bulk Shopify Editor

- Created Content Faster with Bulk Editor

5. Insights with Copilot

- Our Copilot provide you with Insights and recommendation.

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$199 Per Month

What you will get:- 200 Keywords Research With Search Volume Data Per Day & More- Outline Builder & Content Creation using Prompts- 200,000 token- Content Optimization using NLP & Google Search Console Queries- Project Management & Automation- Copilot Insights

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